With this tagline we are providing context for comparison: the more people focus on the value of product or service the less important price becomes.

Consumers get out of their way to select specific brands over others because they know what those brands stand for.

Amazing or nothing is the tagline of Australia like a sharpened pencil – it has a point.

This tagline helps represent what Australia as a brand stands for.

Australia, fortunately, is one of the best brands in the world but it needs investment and caring to retain its relevance and vitality.

Australia spends a fortune on marketing, but we do not tell the world with a tagline How Amazing is Australia!

For example, the tagline used by New Zealand for over 15 years works amazingly well for them.

Now we have The Most Amazing Tagline of Australia Ever Created that presents Australia as Amazing or nothing. This is based on facts, and it appears that the word Amazing is made for our only island continent in the world when you look at the signature.

With this we’ll take full advantage of The Tried and Tested Principle used by America the richest country in the world.

Also, with The Most Amazing Tagline of Australia Ever Created we now can use The Best Marketing Strategy Ever used by Steve Jobs of Apple the world’s first company to reach $1 trillion and $2 trillion.

All these combined together bring “The Amazing Solution” to boost our goods and services and boost our economy and boost our revenue.

We have expended blood, sweat, and tears.

It’s worth it because this is about people’s welfare: health, comfort, and happiness.

Speed is very important. It would be unwise not to do it now!

We need to unite and act together so that we don’t lose our high standard of living.

No one can promote Australia better than the people of Australia with a strong emphasis.

With this tagline we have specially designed a signature – Our promise of delivery Amazing or nothing as displayed on this page to differentiate businesses around Australia that amaze their customers. Reward excellence: The Best Marketing Strategy Ever used by Steve Jobs.

Amazing or nothing is a tagline of Australia based on facts.

It is a much superior option to meet Australia’s need to improve its global brand ranking.

Modelling by Deloitte Access Economics found an improvement in Australia’s global brand ranking would increase merchandise exports by about $3.1 billion a year, boost foreign direct investment by $704 million a year, tourism by $174 million a year and international education by $137 million a year.

The incremental changes would be even better because this modelling did not consider the much superior option herein to improve Australia’s global brand ranking.