Nike honours great athletes and athletics and as a result the world knows what Nike stands for.

We will honour businesses that amaze their customers for the world to take notice Australia – Amazing or nothing®

Australia must do it! It would be unwise not to do it!

This will give these amazing businesses the Unique Point of Difference to stand out. They work harder and invest to deliver Amazing or nothing® to reach the pinnacle of satisfaction for their customers.

The main aim is for the customers of the world to look for the symbol of the pinnacle of satisfaction – Our promise of delivery Amazing or nothing® as displayed on this page, on our goods and services as after the COVID-19 lock downs every country is competing fiercely all at once for export dollars as they should because they increase jobs, bring in higher wages, and raise the standard of living. This is the kind of impression Australia needs to create globally!

For this purpose, we must take full advantage of The Tried and Tested Principle used by America the richest country in the world amongst other things to achieve a leap in the economic result.