What Australia is today is largely due to what Creator has given to us, the role first nations people played, and the decisions taken by our forefathers as the leaders of our country.

The Creator has gracefully given Australia, Amazing or nothing® – the only island continent on its own in the world that is uniquely positioned with four seasons, plenty of sunshine, clean and green, over 10,000 beaches more than any other country in the world, The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland – the largest coral reef system in the world, abundance of natural resources, abundance of flat land, tectonically stable and the deepest and largest natural harbour in the world and NSW developed this Amazing Harbour to make it our centre of attraction ALWAYS.

Also, Australia is delivering world-class health care and genuine rule of law, with a truly independent judiciary.

The first nations people lived by this land and the sea with sustainable lifestyle and are known for having intimate relationship with the land often described as ‘Connection to the Country’.

Our forefathers opened Australia to the world and as a result, today we have people from nearly 200 nations who have come here with their farming skills and combined with our distinctive four seasons resulting to we are having a wide variety of the finest produce – Amazing or nothing®

These people also came here with their authentic cooking skills resulting to we are having a wide variety of the finest foods – Amazing or nothing®

We must not compromise our future when we are The Most Amazing Place in The World!

NSW is the gateway to Australia so imagine when one billion people worldwide watch our New Year’s midnight fireworks display, we display as entirely honest The Most Popular State NSW – Amazing or nothing® on the Sydney Harbour Bridge at the end of the fireworks display. This is the kind of impression we need to create globally!

Deloitte Access Economics modelling establishes this need whereby our economy will attract billions of dollars.

Note : In this process we’ll not only honour our most Amazing Harbour in the world that is known for being home to the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, but we’ll also honour our forefathers and seniors for delivering to us Amazing or nothing®

The Best Marketing Strategy Ever successfully used by the top two world market operators.

However, there is more to do and the journey must continue!